Here are resources I’ve learned from as I struggle to figure out how to live as my best self. I hope you will find them helpful too!


Talking to Strangers by Malcolm Gladwell If you’ve ever wrestled with whether someone is trustworthy, or regretted trusting someone who did not reciprocate the feelings, this is a must read. For far too long I replayed You should have known over and over in my head. This lessons in this book gave me reason to let go of that admonishment.

Good Habits, Bad Habits by Dr. Wendy Wood This book is useful for more than just understanding the major role that habits play in our everyday lives. It also teaches readers how we can architect good habits and reduce bad habits with the use of something Dr. Wood labels as friction. Read my full-length review here.

Thought leaders

Brendon Burchard is the thought leader I’ve been following the longest. I like him because he’s relatable, motivating, intelligent, and mostly, kind of a funny nerd. By the last trait, I mean that he totally geeks out on personal development/self improvement, and he tells occasional jokes poking fun at himself that are endearingly nerdy. He’s also created more valuable content that imaginable, and he offers a lot of it for free. You can find him on YouTube here or follow his blog here.