Thanks for joining me! My name is Andrea Banicki. I’m a writer, speaker, world traveler, and U.S. Army veteran who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2009.

My mission is to help other adults living with a chronic illness find value in their struggles and create a life they love that acknowledges and embraces their limitations.

Struggling Through It is my latest attempt to make a positive contribution to the world. My intention for this space is to create a community where adults, particularly those of us living with chronic illness, share resources and have conversations about being proactive in our struggles to get the most out of life. This is NOT a place where negativity is encouraged. Instead, this is a place to:

  1. acknowledge a struggle you’re currently wrestling with
  2. explain what about a particular struggle makes it most challenging
  3. describe how you plan to move ahead through it
  4. take action on your plan
  5. reassess or pivot from the plan when necessary
  6. share what has and hasn’t worked as well as resources you used
  7. support others by sharing resources or words of encouragement

My goal is to promote the positive value of a commonly unpleasant emotion: struggle. As we share our struggles with others, we’ll feel less alone and more connected. And hopefully, our shared efforts to struggle through challenges will encourage and motivate us to keep on going.